Connect to the nature and yourself

Do you want to connect and become more expanded? Connect to the arctic nature and becoming more grounded? Learn how to be more like the nature, just as the tree digs its roots into the soil but stretches to the sky, you will feel grounded but loving the fresh and crisp arctic air. Allow yourself time to rediscover the real you.

The nature in Andøya is everything all at once. It is like life and emotions: It can be spectacular, beautiful, brutal and friendly. It is  truly breathtaking. If you are lucky, you can have four seasons in one day.

In the movie above our host and founder of Yogaisland, Marte Wiik, will show you our breathtaking island. Hope to see you soon.


  • Day 1: Arrive evening. Welcome dinner and meditation.
  • Day 2: Morning and evening yoga. Mountaintrip.
  • Day 3: Morning and evening yoga. Whalesafari.
  • Day 4: Morning and evening yoga. Beachwalk.
  • Day 5: Morning meditation. Depature mid-day.

Enjoy a grounding journey through your choice of yoga, meditation, healing sound bath, nature, dancing and Self-Enquiry. Through our time together you can explore asana, breath, mantra, self care, movement and rest.

Cool local community

The best part of this island is all the local people who starts up the most amazing businesses. We have Ullas, who is our partner in food delivery. Gina and Robert makes the most amazing vegetarian food. Both for dinner, but also lunchboxes for us to enjoy outside.

We have Anders, who is a local doctor but also surfer. He and his wife has started Arctic Aloha, a surfer & ski camp. We have Lisbeth who is working at Marmelkroken, and done such an amazing job on this old farm turned into accomodations. And so many more! Check out:


Have a look at youtube to get to know Marte's yogastyle (in Norwegian). Click here.