Where do we practice yoga?

The nature in Andøya is everything all at once. It is like life and emotions: It can be spectacular, beautiful, brutal, wondering and friendly. It is  truly breathtaking. If you are lucky, you can experience all four seasons in one day.

Where to practise yoga

  • Sitting on the white beaches
  • Top of the mountain
  • Lying on moss
  • Taling with whales
  • On the waters
  • On top of the lighthouse
  • Forest

The weather is as varied as the region itself. Just as life is. Depending on the weather conditions, we will try to be mostly outside, at least two times a day.

But besides beautiful landscapes, we have some unique settings indoor as well. In Stave we have what is called a "Grendehus" which has been used for the locals to have parties, meetings, sosial events and more.  "Hisnakul" is located in Andenes, right next to our tall lighthouse. Hisnakul was designed to convey history and culture when it was first built. But now our local yoga teacher, Sara, has transformed it into a beautiful Yogashala. Breathtaking views with the sound of the ocean.

For small groups we will stay in our yoga teacher, Marte's, Yogashala. It's a grounding setting with stunning views over the mountains.

We have so many options in this small island of Andøy. The infinite diversity of the natural landscape presents a true collection of landforms and flora and fauna, all at a short distance from each other. We can mention the mountain plateu, extensive bog areas, forests, sandy white beaches and cultural landscape.

Example of retreat program

Day 1: Welcome to the Yogaisland
Guests are picked up from Andøya airport to the accommodation, where we will be met with a welcome dinner and end the day with grounding meditations.

Day 2: Naturetrip
Every morning we meet for yoga. Morning yoga is enjoyed inside, we wake up the body and greet the island. After a delicious breakfast we head out into the beautiful arctic nature. Here we have silent walks, guided meditations and deep connections with the nature. We meet at the evenings for yoga and meditations.

Day 3: Whalesafari
For those who love being at the sea, Andøya has a treat for you. Whalesafari. Andøy has earned the name “Whale Kingdom of the North” because we have a geographical advantage that brings us closer to the whales all year round. We end the day with a nice and calming yoga lesson. For those who prefer steady land beneath ones feet, you can enjoy the small town of Andenes, or rest at our hotel.

Day 4: Naturetrip
After morning yoga, we drive to Arctic Aloha to enjoy the popular sauna, or for those who want, try arctic surfing. Anders and his team will guide you. 

Day 5: Last day
We meet for the last morning meditation, before eating a big breakfast / lunch. Pick up to the airport.