Your choice of acoomodation

When it comes to accommodation, you can get it all here at Yogaisland. In the small town of Andenes you will find several hotels and cabins, some right by the seafront. The beachside cabins by Bleik Beach are another option. Further south on the island you have more remote and quiet options. We love Marmelkroken and Stave Camping.

You can choose where you want to stay. We have two choices for accommodation for our retreats. We can either stay at Andenes hotell which is actually not a hotell, but «rorbu», so it is located next to the harbour. One in Bleik and one in  Andenes. They have newly renovated their rooms, and your own kitchen and livingroom (breakfast not included).

Where we will stay for our first retreat is Marmelkroken. Here we have everything only a walking distance away. The mountain, forest, ocean and most important: Silence.