Yogateachers living in Andøy

Marte Wiik. Marte is the founder of Yogaisland and will be your fasilitator during your stay. She always has a big smile on her face and love to connect to fellow deep hearted people. She has a passion for seeking the spiritual, and love to explore how the body is linked to the movement of the breath in Yoga.
Irene Hessling. Irene has a life long experience with yoga and sound and enjoys to share the present moment with you. Try her deeply relaxing and healing sound bath meditation - laying down on a soft surface - with sound vibrations from different sources; crystal bowls, gong, voice etc. Her yoga is always with the main focus on being present with a kind curiosity in your body.
Synne Meland. Is a musician, singer, yoga-teacher and 5Rhythms-dancer. She will guide you “From movement to stillness.” You are invited to experience your own unique and immediate movements turning into a dance, and moving all the way to stillness. Synne has the ability to create a safe and joyful space for individual unfolding together.
Vigdis Dragland. Vigdis says that every time she gets to share yoga with someone she feels humble and deeply grateful. With her knowledge of anatomy she is passionate about teaching yoga that is safe and adapted to your body. Vigdis also wants yoga to be a holistic experience that nourishes your mind, heart and soul.
Sara Wangen. Sara is a personal trainer, nutritionist (B.Sc.) and yogateacher. She has a holistic view on the body and mind, and loves to explore how the breath, mind and body are connected. Her classes are focused around letting the breath lead the way and yin/yang, finding movement and stillness, strength and softness.
Kristine Jacobsen. For me, yoga is about connection. I connect to my body and my breath and I connect with the people I share yoga with, in time and/or space. The body and the breath connects me to here and now.