The yoga island

"We visited this time during the winter, and experienced a real snow storm. Nature is powerful, and here you can experience it.»

Andøy offers spectacular and varied landscapes. Whether you like relaxing at one of the island's many white sandy beaches, or you prefer hiking in the jagged mountains – Andøy is the place to be!

The yogaisland has a wide variety of mountain tops, ranging from easy hikes, to more challenging ones if you feel adventurous. All of them offer a stunning view where you will feel like you are on top of the world. 

The roads around the island is great for bicycling. Another popular experience is paddling along the coastline in a kayak - getting close up to seals, sea-birds and other wildlife. The choice is yours!

We hope you join us in our beautiful island in Northern Norway. We hope to inspire you to reconnect with nature as a way to heal yourself.

Explore all seasons of the weather in one day

For two months every summer the sun never sets here at the Yogaisland! This period stretches from the 22nd of May to the 20th of July. But already in September you can enjoy both daylight and the northern light dancing on clear evening skyes.

Andøy is the northernmost municipality in the Vesterålen region. The weather is as varied as the region itself. Just as life is. The presence of the Gulf Stream is the reason for the relatively warm climate here.

Despite the fact that Andøy lies above the Arctic Circle, the landscape is green and lush and we can enjoy hot summer days.

In the summertime Andøy is a welcoming place to be, with its bustling village-vibe, and the midnight sun that warms your body 24 hours a day. Situated along the coast, the winters tend to be fairly mild - compared to other parts of the country. Still - warm clothes are a must if you’re planning a visit during winter, regardless of whether your aim is to take stunning photos of the northern lights dancing across the sky, or if you fancy watching whales in the fjord.

Aurora Borealis is perhaps the most beautiful natural phenomenon you will ever have the opportunity of seeing- an explosion of green, fluttering like a veil across the arctic sky. As one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora, Yogaisland offers you the best chance possible to experience the northern lights from september to april.

Nature is calling out to us, begging us to slow down, listen and feel. Do you hear it calling you?

Seasons - when to come see us

Months: June-August

Enjoy unforgettable summer days in Andøy - where the sun never sets! There is no better place for some rest and relaxation than on one of the island’s many long and sandy beaches. Or head up the mountains to take in the stunning views from jagged peaks or grassy mountains!

Months: September - November

The autumn is short and intense, with stunningly beautiful sunsets as a trademark. It is also the season for mushroom and berry picking. Andøy is widely known for its cloudberry marshes. If you visit during october-november, be prepared for snow.

Months: December - February

The arctic light makes Andøy a special place to be during winter. Seeing the northern lights dance across the sky is spectacular, and a sight you’ll never forget. The sun returns in the middle of January.

Months: March-May

Springtime is an exciting and unpredictable time to visit Andøy. It can still be snowy, but the first plants and flowers greet the sun, and birds like the puffins return. Depending on the snow-conditions, you can go for a walk in the mountains, or enjoy cross country skiing under clear blue skies.

The Locals

The locals are much like Andøy itself – genuine, generous and welcoming. Andøy has many quaint villages dotted around the coastline, and when you visit them, you’ll enjoy a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The villages are like the locals, with concerning friendliness.​